Monday, June 25, 2012

New Font Blog

In light of the fact that I a) hate blogger so much that it makes me want to throw something at something else, and b) I want to integrate my fonts with my personal design portfolio, I will be recreating my personal design portfolio and moving all blog information over. The new URL is:

Bookmark it, click it, love it. I stopped making fonts for about 6 months or so, but I am getting back into it, my latest font release is called Gorila.

My new website will be under construction for a bit, but I will be posting more regularly, and I'll have status updates on new fonts as well. Lastly, I will be updating a number of fonts that I have previously created and I will be making them alot nicer and I will add more symbols and things. Thanks for using my fonts and thank you for all your kind words and suggestions!

1 comment:

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