Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slayer Dragon

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Slayer Dragon Font on


Another font comissioned by my good friend and author Rick Austinson for his upcoming Consecution Books series. This font was ALSO created to be used for a map for the book series. It's kind of medieval with a slight graffiti twist. It looks fairly Old, Demonic and Wicked.

If you were to use it yourself, I would say it might look nice for large titles, or even graffiti, like EVIL graffiti.

Check out the book at

This is free to do with whatever you wish, personal or commercial. Just don't claim ownership, sell it, redistribute it, or be a jerk with it.

It might be cool if you use the font to either credit MuraKnockout Media or Michael Muranaka, or show me how you used it! Enjoy!


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